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Kody Slater

  • : 07/01/2013 |
  • : 24:15 min |
  • : 5247
Starring: Kody Slater
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Scene Info

Kody Slater is an easy going guy from the Big Sky country, taking it easy and taking it off in this steamy scene. An athlete since he was young, Kody shows off his physique and his playful smile as he quietly pontificates in a sunlit window. As he basks in the warmth, the suns golden rays bring out the shimmer in Kody's locks and reflect the violent blue of his eyes. Moving over to a recliner, this football/rugby player from Montana slips off his sandals and unbuttons his pants, pulling his jeans off and spreading his legs, wrapping his fingers around the shaft and propping it up to stand at full attention, before he fondles and strokes himself in the afternoon light. Flirting with the camera the whole time, he finally loses all pretenses and sets into climax, fapping himself ferociously until he is choked and fully spent, exhausted and covered in his own load.