The Next Door Male men, like all other Next Door Studios models, are comprised of men from all walks of life and all types of backgrounds. We find the guys that appear here in a multitude of ways. Some of them have sought out an appearance on this site, some of them have responded to ads, some have been referred to us by friends and other models, and others are individuals just looking to get into the adult industry.

There are a couple things that all of our men share in common though. First, they are all straight, heterosexual men. Second, they are all amateurs. In fact, 95% of our models do not have any modeling experience of any kind at all. That means that almost all of the guys here are fresh faces and haven't done any professional work for any mainstream companies prior to the filming with us.

We don't pretend to believe that every guy will appeal to everyone, but we do think that we have a diverse enough selection to choose from that you will probably find a nice handful that you may daydream about :). Every guy here is at least 18 years of age and most of the guys are in their 20's. They are all real guys with regular jobs and a very large majority of them have never been completely naked in front of a camera before.

The guys are paid for their appearances, although a lot of them have told us they would do it for free. Most of them just want to show off their beautiful bodies. They take pride in keeping in shape and they like to display their hard work for others to see. We look for men who are clean cut and in shape, have a good physique, and are a pleasure to work with.

Most of the guys are very nervous when they do their first video. It takes some time for them to feel more comfortable and relaxed, but for those that we work with a second or third time (for this or other projects), it's clear that they're more at ease with the situation, and that they end up looking forward to it. Additionally, in keeping with the amateur theme, we provide very minimal instruction to them during filming... we do not want them to be someone they're not. You may notice that many of them may be awkward in front of the camera-- but that is the very essence of who they are, and why we bring them to you in their natural state. This is not a site where we try to make these guys look professional, we simply present the guys in as natural a way as possible.

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